Crianlarich to Tyndrum


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Crianlarich to Tyndrum – 6 1/2 miles (10.5 km)

The way from Crianlarich on the West Highland Way re-joins the old military road, and makes its way through a plantation of mixed trees, and under the railway viaduct. An interesting part of this walk on the highland way is the ruins of St Fillan’s chapel. St Fillan was the son of St Kentigerna. He was associated with Inchcaillach on Loch Lomond, and gives his name to river Fillan, and the whole district of Strathfillan.

After passing Auchtertyre, the path comes back to the Holy Pool. The pool has associations with St Fillan’s bell, and a ritual cure for insanity. St Fillan’s bell is now in Edinburgh museum of antiquities, but it used to hang in the chapel. The person whose mental stability was in question was immersed in the Holy Pool, then stripped naked, tied to the tombstone, and left in the chapel all night with the bell suspended over his head. It has been said that the victim was not insane before the ordeal, he or she would certainly be after it.

Crossing over the road to the bridge you walk into an area called Dail Righ, or King’s Field, where Robert the Bruce took a few hammering’s at the hands of the McDougalls of Lorne. If you wish to go directly to Tyndrum, the route by the main road is only a mile and a half. However the wildness of the Glen Cononish should not be missed, with its views of Ben Lui, Ben Oss, and Ben Dubhcraig. You can then wander down into the village of Tyndrum on the West Highland Way.