Terms & Conditions


  1. Weight limit 20kg per item.
  2. No laptops, tablets or similar left in luggage.
  3. No fragile or breakable objects to be left in luggage, e.g. Glass bottles.
  4. Luggage available for pick-up by 9.00 AM at your accommodation (8:00 am for Inversnaid).
  5. Please advise us of any anticipated late arrival at Milngavie if this is the first pick up point for your bags.
  6. Changes to itinerary, please contact us the previous evening or before 9.00 am on day of transfer.
  7. Cancellations prior to or during walk, advise us on 0141 956 7890
  8. No camping gas in transported bags please.
  9. Baggage is only insured whilst in transit on our vehicles and therefore it is recommended that you have adequate travel insurance